Smart Climate Control System

The Growing climate control system is smart,effective and precise growing environment control solution.
It can cool,heat,humidify,dehumidify,air filtering,detect light and CO2 etc functions.
The grower can create and maintain the perfect temperature, humidity and understand the CO2 level,light for optimum growth anytime.
The grower can set the desired temp,humidity and different values in different period base of specific plants’ growing demand.
The system can quickly and automatically detect and respond to environmental changes.

The units operate through three interconnected systems: refrigerant cycle system, air loop system and electrical automatic control system.The system uses intelligent control mode to realize the functions of cooling, dehumidification, heating and humidification so as to achieve the precise control of indoor environment temperature and humidity. The fluctuation of indoor temperature and humidity is very small, the temperature precision is (+0.8 ℃) and the humidity precision is (+5%).

Split Air Cooled type(1 Indoor unit+1 Outdoor unit) use air as a cooling medium. Installation is convenient and take up smaller space.
Water Cooled type is all-in-one unit using water as a cooling medium.The efficiency is higher but take up larger indoor installation space.
The cooling effect of the Water cooled type is more efficient.And it requires the water source at installation site

Base of the size of growing space,growing environment and installation site.
We will be glad to offer you more advice after learn your more information.

There is basic reference information as follows.The specific case needs to be based of specific environment, application.
1Ton are used for 8~15m2
1.7Ton are used for 12~20m2
3Ton are used for 18~35m2
4Ton are used for 25~45m2
7Ton are used for 35~70m2

1 Watt = 3.41 Btu/hour.
12000Btu = 1 Ton(US)

Recomendation main within 10 meters is best result.Maximum 15m.Or the result is attenuated.

Check if the appearance of the unit is clean around.
Check if there is any loosening of electrical wiring.
Check if the parts of the unit have noise when running.
Check if the high and low pressure of the refrigeration system is normal.
Check the running current of each motor is normal.
Check the refrigerant charge of the unit.

There are some different installation ways.Take Split Climate Control system example,
The indoor unit are supported by bracket attached the indoor wall.
The indoor unit are supported by base on the side of wall and connect the duct or Air Disperation system.
The indoor unit is hung up and installed in the indoor upper space and connect the duct or Air Disperation system.
The Indoor unit is on the roof and connect the duct or Air Disperation system. (If so,the indoor unit need to avoid the rain,snow etc)
At the rear of the unit must be a minimum distance of 15 cm from the wall in order to guarantee proper intake of the air. The distance between the top of the unit and the indoor ceiling should also be at least 15 cm or larger distance.
The unit must be free of the walls to avoid unnecessary noises caused by contact.
When indoor unit are supported by base or hung up,it needs to be kept at a certain height with the ground(1.8-2.5m depends on site).
For more details,please refere to the instruction manual.

Multi-zone Split Type Air Conditioning 

The Multi-zone Ceiling Cassette are mainly for the single growing room.One outdoor unit connect one indoor unit.
The Multi-zone Multi-split are used for multi growing rooms and much larger commercial space.One outdoor unit can connect multiple indoor units.It is DC Inverter and it is more energy-saving.

The basic standard is 3500 to 4000 Btu’s of cooling are required to compensate for the quantity of heat generated by a 1000 watt light. Eg : 10 X 1000 watt lights would need about 35,000 and 40,000 Btu’s of cooling. It is general guidelines as room conditions, ambient air temperatures and ventilation systems all change.

The built-in water pump is optional.If with it,the condensation can go up.If without it,the condensation only can discharged downward.
It is better that the unit is equipped with water pump.

The wire controller can be installed in the growing space.

Please follow the instruction manual.

No.Normal Multi-zone Split AC or common Ductless AC do not introduce the fresh air to affect the CO2.If Multi-zone Multi-split’s indoor unit use all fresh air system,the CO2 are a little different.

Mobile Air Conditioning

Indoor or Outoor are fine.
When put it inside,the cold air blows into the room, and the hot air blows outside through the exhaust pipe.
When put it outside,the cold air is blown into the room through the exhaust pipe.

Put the unit outside and blow the hot air or cold air through the exhaust pipe.
By the Air Comfort kit(Optional), the wind direction can be up and down, left and right adjustment.
The user use remote control.The compressor’s noise can be insulated.
Waterproof grade IPX2

Window Kit,Wall Kit,Active Carbon Filter,Air Stop,Air Comfort kit,Second hose 3m and adaptor

The Mobile air conditioning belongs to local cooling, so the cooling range is relatively small, but faster than ordinary air conditioning.
It does not require installation. So it’s suitable for smaller space like Small Growing Tent,Small Gardening room,Kitchen etc.

It is ready-to-use air conditioner which can cool gardens,larger temporary space etc.

Commercial system(Air Handler,Single Duct Air conditioner and Roof Mounted Air Conditioner)

Yes.Basically,the commercial system can be customized base of your specific requirement,power supply,working condition,environment etc.The production period will be longer. Please let us know your more request for the inquiry for this kind of products.

For the commercial products like Duct AC,Roof Mounted,Air Handler Unit etc,it is strongly suggested to let the professional engineer to handle them.Then it can avoid the problems encountered during installation.

No.The outdoor condensing unit is antisepsis, rust prevention and moistureproof.

All the cir conditioning system and climate system use Eco-friendly R410a gas.The Dehumidifier use R410a or R134a.
If you have other different request,please let us know.


Please refer to the product’s specification.

Please refer to the the product’s specification.

The humidifier consists of a compressor, a heat exchanger, a fan, a water tank, a housing and a controller. Its working principle is that the humid air is pumped into the unit by a fan and then condensed into water droplets through a heat exchanger, which become the dry air and discharged outside. This repeated circulation reduces the indoor humidity.
The dehumidifier has many functions, such as reducing indoor humidity to fit for plants’ growing. Prevent mildew from indoor enviroment. Ensure the normal use of all kinds of indoor appliances and equipments in the growing space. Prevent the electrical line from dampness.

The dehumidifier do not change the indoor temperature, but normal AC’s dehumidification will decrease the indoor temperature a little.
The dehumidifier’s efficiency is higher. For the AC, dehumidification is only an additional function.
The power consumption of dehumidifier is smaller than that of AC’s dehumidification.
In hot summer, when you need to dehumidify the room, it is better to use AC; if it is in winter when the weather temperature is low, it is recommended to use dehumidifier.

Yes.Basically,all of units have this function.The unit will automatically restart and retain the previous settings in case of power interruption.It is important for the areas where electricity is unstable.

Normally the range is RH30%-RH80%.If there is special request or inquiry,please let us know.

220V/50HZ,380V/50HZ or 110V/60HZ base of the specific types.Please let us know if you have different request.

*The dehumidifier has to change its position every once in a while especially for low capacity dehumidifier.
*Airtight space let dehumidifier run more effectively.
*Keep the circulation path of dehumidifier unblocked(the intake and outlet outlets).The rear is preferably 30 cm away from the wall.
*Storage tanks should be cleaned up in time.
*Dehumidifier should be placed smoothly, so the machine does not consume electricity.
*Clean the filter net with warm water every two weeks.


For indoor growing purpose,after using the humidifier for a period of time, such as one or two weeks, it is necessary to regularly remove
For living space humidifier,the humidifier should change water every day and wash it weekly.
the scales in the water tank to remove the stale water to ensure the best condition.
2.What kind of water do the user use?
For indoor growing purpose,the tap water is fine.
For living space humidifier, it is suggested the user can use mineral water or purified water.

For indoor growing purpose,the tap water is fine.
For living space humidifier, it is suggested the user can use mineral water or purified water.


Base of the market’s request.220V/50HZ,220V/60HZ, 110V/60HZ.

There are following suggestion.
See if the motor head and the whole part of unit will vibrate in the low and medium speed gear, specially when the high speed rotates.
See if it senses the heat of the front shell of fan motor by hand or other devices after a long period of high speed rotation (at least 1 hour later). If it feels very hot, it shows that the heat dissipation performance of the fan motor is not good.
Look at its speed, power, air volume, noise and other parameters
Check if there is intermittent pause in the high-speed rotation of pendulum head,if there is a swing head is not in place.
Check if it is full copper fan motor.

Consider the purpose and environment.For ordinary air, there are not many request.
Determine the air volume to be transported in the duct.
Then caculate the total frictional resistance of duct and accessories.
According to the above two parameters, increase the allowance of 10%, that is the fan you need to select.

If space permits, try to buy large size ceiling fans instead of small size one.
Selection of height (Hanger): The length of suspender used for different ceiling height is different.
When installed, the minimum distance between fan and ground is 2.3 m.If below this,it is unsafe and the effect of wind is not good.
The number of lights and lights depends on whether lighting is needed, even if the lighting is not added, the lamp is still pretty.
If you want stronger wind, please choose a larger size, you can choose iron blades. Under the same size, the iron blade is stronger than
the wood blade.

Solar exhaust fan, compact and energy-saving, no need to lay separate cable, installation time is very short and very low operating cost.

In cold climates, heat accumulates in roof space, which melts snow on the roof and freezes on the lower eaves, creating damaging ice dams.The Solar Exhaust Fan can reduces heat build up and prevents ice damming.
In summer, it can eliminate a lot of heat in the indoor air, can reduce up to 50% of the use of indoor cooling air conditioning equipment.

It is made of special fiber material which is corrosion resistant, anti condensation and flame retardant.
It is characterized by the permeability of fibre materials and the formation of multiple rows of small holes on the surface of air ducts by laser holes, so that air can be evenly distributed in all areas of the room.

Other questions

If the product are proved to be defective due to improper process and/or material, the units are guaranteed for one year.
For the following products,the Warranty is one year for the unit and three years for the compressor.
*Growing Climate Control System
*Split Type Air Conditioning
*Commercial System
*Mobile Air Conditioning
For the following products,the Warranty is one year for the unit.
*Air Quality Improvement products

Proving 1% spare parts base of the order value for the following products
*Split Type Air Conditioning
*Commercial System
*Mobile Air Conditioning
*Air Quality Improvement products(not include the UV light and HEPA Air Intake Box)
Providing corresponding advice and technical information support.

From 15 days to about 40 days after receive the desposit,depending on the product,quantity,stock available and request for the product.

T/T (30% down payment before production,the balance before shipment) is the most commonly used method.
L/C (Letter of Credit at sight) is second choice and the bank and clause need to be confirmed by our financial department in advance.
If using LC,the cost will be a little higher than TT due to bank charge.

By sea,by air, or by express. optional for shipping. Sea freight is the cheapest,but takes longest period.
By air and by express only take short time, but are more expensive. (This is suitable for high-value,lightweight goods and sample orders)

Standard factory seaworthy carton package.The giftbox package is optional.It needs a little additional charge.
Please let us know if you have special request.

A.Select the product
*Review the product and select the insterested ones.Communicate with us and confirm the quantity,pricing,product details etc.
B.Sign the PI
*The Proforma invoice) will be made for you according to your order. The PI is a legal contract in international trade. It includes product
details, lead time, shipping methods, trade terms, payment terms and banking information.
C.Arrange the payment
*Once the PI is confirmed, you need to transfer a 30% deposit before production, and the remaining balance before delivery. For
samples or orders less than $8000.00 USD, please transfer the full payment in one transaction to avoid fees from both sides.
D.Arranage the delivery
*Once the order is almost ready, you need to find a shipping forwarder to arrange delivery; or we can arrange it on your behalf.
If shipping by express, you do not need additional arrangements.
E.Do the custom clearance
*Once the goods has arrived to your country, you can let your shipping forwarder present the documents including the B/L (Bill of
Lading), Commercial Invoice, and Packing List etc to clear customs, and pay the import tariff and other charges. Once the cargo clears
customs, the shipping forwarder will arrange delivery to your warehouse.