Planting flowers in greenhouse can break the seasonal restriction of flower growth, and can produce flowers all year round. Greenhouse can also be used to introduce and develop a large number of warm flowers which are not suitable for local growth.The biggest characteristic of greenhouse flower cultivation is that its production process is basically carried out under the human controllable environment, and is little affected by the changes of natural conditions, especially the external meteorological conditions. Through artificial regulation, the most suitable environment conditions for flower growth can be created.

The main characteristics of greenhouse climate and ecology are its closeness. The greenhouse temperature rises, humidity increases, temperature difference decreases, illumination weakens, ventilation conditions deteriorate, and CO2 shortage is prone to occur. Therefore, it is easy to cause greenhouse flowers to grow fast but not strong enough, stress resistance decline, late bud formation, flowering is not luxuriant enough, and this long-term mild and humid, airless closed environment is conducive to the breeding and harm of pests and diseases. It is necessary to effectively improve the climatic and ecological conditions in greenhouse through manual regulation. The main adjusting measures are as follows:

1)To strengthen greenhouse ventilation, as long as the indoor temperature exceeds the temperature required by flowers, doors and windows should be opened, ventilated and cooled in time to promote indoor air convection. Especially when the external temperature exceeds 15 C, ventilation openings should be gradually increased, opening time of doors and windows should be prolonged, and the higher the temperature, the more ventilation and ventilation should be strengthened. The ventilation time can be extended from 10 a.m. to about 4 p.m.Pls note that the above measure is not necessary when using Gloreen smart greenhouse system.

2)The measures to improve the light intensity are to increase the transparency of greenhouse cover and the indoor light intensity. When indoor light can not meet the normal needs of flowers and trees, artificial light supplement must be carried out to prolong the illumination time and improve the illumination intensity. Relevant studies suggest that for flowers with strong photophilicity, there should be a 40-50 watt high-pressure mercury lamp per square metre area; Fluorescent lamp can make the leaves of negative foliage-viewing flowers more beautiful and green, and ordinary electric lamp can also make the buds of negative flower-viewing plants more flourishing.

3)Reducing air humidity. Watering should be carried out according to the principle of seeing dry and seeing wet. The watering time is sunny not cloudy, noon not morning and evening. In addition, the number of irrigation should be reduced, the evaporation of water in the basin soil should be reduced, the ventilation conditions should be improved, the opening time of doors and windows should be increased, and the relative dryness of the room should be maintained.

4)Increasing the concentration of CO2. The most suitable CO2 concentration for plant photosynthesis is 3~5 times the normal concentration in the air. Adding CO2 to greenhouse, besides windowing and ventilation from the atmosphere, can also use dry ice or compress CO2.

5)Save energy and increase temperature in greenhouse. There are many measures to keep warm,In cold season, the greenhouse is heated by hot water, steam or electric energy generated by combustion of coal, gas and natural gas. Conditionally, solar energy collectors can be installed on the top of the greenhouse, the location of the room facing the sun from the leeward wind can be selected, the structure and type of the greenhouse can be improved, the transparency and heat preservation performance of the greenhouse can be strengthened, and the shade surface can be reduced.

6)Note that different flowers are suitable for different temperature ranges. The lower limit temperature for the beginning of growth of tropical and is 16-18 ℃, subtropical flowers is 8-12 ℃, and temperate zone cool-loving flowers begin to grow at 3-5 ℃. They should be placed in different types of greenhouses according to the different requirements of flowers for temperature. In order to promote photosynthesis in the daytime, relatively high temperature should be maintained. In order to promote the transport of metabolites and inhibit respiration at night, temperature should be kept at a slightly lower level.

7)Complete prevention and control of diseases and insects should be based on comprehensive prevention and control measures. Material with diseases and insects should be strictly prohibited from entering greenhouses. Drug disinfection in greenhouses should be carried out regularly. All greenhouse environments, including potted soil, cultivating soil, fertilizer, doors and windows, ground and various tools, should be thoroughly sterilized.
To achieve the controllable environment and avoid the above-mentioned problems,it is suggested that the grower use Gloreen smart greenhouse system.It can save user operation time and also detect the elements of indoor environment in time.