Air Circulator Fan/Air Circulator 360° is based on the wind tunnel principle of aerodynamics, which circulates indoor air to achieve constant temperature,humidity and CO2 level.

Air Circulator Fan/Air Circulator(360°,DC Inverter)

This air circulator fan circulates the indoor air to balance the temperature. It can be used with air conditioner or heater to balance the temperature. Also be used to circulate the indoor and outdoor air and blow out the peculiar smell of the dead corner to fresh air.

*360°air supply

*DC Brushless motor

*6m long distance air supply

*3 speed setting

*Low noise(36dB Minimum)

*Portable design

*1 YEAR WARRANTY for the unit


*Remote Control

Item No:180022

Fan Diameter:7Inch

Rated Power: 40w

Supply Voltage:220V/50HZ(or other)


Net Weight:1.95Kg

Control mode:Mechancial control


The above parameter selection of reference only, subject to the actual design.Thank you!