Air Sterilizer/Portable Air Purifier 150W for 60~80m3:Adopting indoor circulating air mode and combines various physical filtering means with high-intensity C-band ultraviolet radiation device.Rapidly filter out the dust particles in the indoor air, while directly killing bacteria, viruses and cutting off the way of air transmission, specially designed for human-machine coexistence environment, safe and reliable.

Air Sterilizer/Portable Air Purifier 150w for 60~80m3
Air Sterilizer can effectively improve the indoor air quality for the closed loop rooms to maintain a pathogen free environment. Have a good performance to kill spores, funguses, viruses and bacteria.Suitable for growing space,cleaning room,library ,public space etc
*Ready to use
*LED digital display, remote control, program-controlled timing, regular time period of not less than 6
*HEPA high efficiency filter can remove dust more than 0.3um in the air
*UV sterilization(Internal radiation intensity(5*1800um/cm2)
*Man-machine coexistence
*Two channel stereo ventilation, large air volume, high speed,mid speed and low speed
*PM2.5 purification rate reach 98%
*The total amount of bacteria ≤ 200cfu/CM3
*The killing rate of natural bacteria in air ≥ 90%, and the killing rate of pathogens in air is≥ 99.9%
*LCD display

Item No:170003
Effective Area: 60-80m3
Max Circulating Air Volume: 640m3/h
Supply Voltage:220/1Ph/50HZ(or other)
Dimension(W*H*D): 530*850*420mm
Net Weight:25Kg
Control mode:Manual or remote control


The above parameter selection of reference only, subject to the actual design.