Exhaust Fan/Duct Fan/Silent Exhaust Fan/Greenhouse Exhaust Fan  8in is very energy-saving ventilation fan, with metal baking paint shell and inverter fan motor, can carry out air conditioning, control hot air, remove dampness, dust and odor, make indoor air fresh and clean.

Exhaust Fan/Duct Fan/Silent Exhaust Fan/Greenhouse Exhaust Fan 8in

Exhaust Fan is the latest ventilator for the greenhouse, growing room,indoor gardening,living space etc.Effectively remove the indoor dust and odor,improve the indoor air quality.

* Inverter fan motor to save more power

* Adopt metal cold rolled plate shell, fireproof PBT environmental protection material material fan blade.

* Insulating material

* Waterproof grade IPX4

* Working temperature -10-80 ℃

* Stepless speed controller

* 1 YEAR WARRANTY for the unit

Item No:180025

Diameter of Fan:8in


Air Flow:1205 m³/h 


Air Pressure:520Pa

Supply Voltage:220-240V,50HZ (or 110V-120V,60HZ)


Net Weight:2.5kg

Net Dimension:280*280*260mm


The above parameter selection of reference only, subject to the actual design.Thank you!