Stainless Steel Greenhouse Circulation Fan is low-noise,large volume and high temperature resistent greenhouse ventilation solution.It works for longitudinal ventilation and transverse ventilation and has a wide range of uses.

Stainless Steel Greenhouse Circulation Fan

This Greenhouse Circulation Fan can adapt to harsh environment.Suitable for almost all places requiring cooling, ventilation, air exchange, high temperature or smelly space including flower greenhouse, breeding and other similar places.

*High-quality stainless steel by stretch forming

*High temperature resistance

*Fixed frame is designed as adjustable angle

*Fan blades use integral stamping of aluminium sheet

*Light weight, large air volume and small vibration

*Easy-to-install design

*Fully enclosed national standard motors to ensure the good operation in greenhouse.

*1 YEAR WARRANTY for the unit


*Spraying or stainless steel

Item No:180020

External Diameter:500mm

Air Volume:3200m3/h

Power: 180w

Supply Voltage:220-380v

Rotation Rate:1400rpm


Total Pressure:150-200Pa



The above parameter selection of reference only, subject to the actual design.Thank you!