Greenhouse Humidifier/Centrifugal Humidifier: Capacity 87Pints/Day~109Pints/Day .Ideal humidifier for the greenhouse,indoor gardening,flower stop,asepsis room etc.

Greenhouse Humidifier/Centrifugal Humidifier 87Pints/Day
Centrifugal Humidifier are the commercial humidification system for the growing space. Effectively improve the indoor drying conditions and enhance the plants growth.Can be used for different growing applications.
* Spray particles are very fine
* Strong spray power and large amount of fog (2-2.5kg of haze per hour)
* The height of the spray can reach 3-4 meters
* The scope of diffusion is vast (about 3 square meters).
* The requirement for water quality is not high
* 1 YEAR WARRANTY for the unit
*Water receiving tray has two kinds as plastic or stainless steel

Item No:160002
Capability:Spray 87Pints/Day-109Pints/Day
Effective Area:21-30 m2
Water Storage:2.5-4L
Noise:60 dB
Supply Voltage:110V/1Ph/60HZ(or other)
Height: 430mm
Diameter of bottom disc:320mm

Using way in the growing space:
*With temperature&humidity controller can achieve automatic control.
*Spraying the fertilizer directly into the water is particularly effective
*Do not use strong acid and strong alkaline chemicals in water
*Please wash the outlet frequently to avoid clog
*The water quality with heavy iron and lime is liable to cause blockage of outlet and blockage of motor axis
*Do not stop using it for a long time (at least 2 times a day, at least 3-5 minutes at a time)
*When not in use in winter, please take the humidifier away from the water surface, dry it, and idle for 10-15 minutes, so as to avoid the the motor being stuck by the bearing and the motor burning down next time.


The above spec is for some suitable markets.For different markets,the spec maybe be changed.
Please kindly confirm with us before you place the order.Thank you!
The above parameter selection of reference only, subject to the actual design.