Indoor Growing System Split Type (Grow Tent Air Conditioning/Indoor Herb Garden Kit/Grow Room Air Conditioning/Greenhouse Climate Control/Aquaculture Greenhouse Tool), 60,000Btu(5Ton,Air Cooled); Cooling,Heating,Dehumidification,Air Filtering,CO2 Detection,Light Detection etc.One outdoor connects one indoor unit with touch screen wire controller.The connection pipe is optional and the length can be customized.The best total environmental control solution for grow room,greenhouse etc.

Indoor Growing System Split Type (Indoor Herb Garden Kit/Grow Room Air Conditioning/Grow Tent Air Conditioning/Greenhouse Climate Control/Aquaculture Greenhouse Tool)

Indoor Growing System Split type are designed to provide efficient ,integrated,intelligent climate control for greenhouse,grow room etc. Hold the high performance, reliability, and automatic climate control.

*Cool,Heat,Dehumidify,Air fiter,Air Circulate,Environment monitor,Alarm etc

*Touch screen wire controller

*Prevent over cooling or over heating

*Fully automatic or manual adjustment

*Automatic restart

*Removable filter for easy cleaning

*Built to last with heavy duty, durable powder coated metal casing

*International brand compressor

*Built-with various sensors as temperature,humidity,CO2 and light

*Long distance air supply

*Temperature,Humidity and CO2 level alarm

*Day and night mode

*Running record for user to study the shut down situation and identify the cause

*Self-diagnosis function

*1 YEAR WARRANTY for the unit and 3 YEAR WARRANTY for the compressor


*WIFI remote control

*Remote SMS alarm in case of malfunction

*Humidification function

*Flexible tubes and fast couplings or connection copper pipe

Item No:110006
Cooling capacity:24000W
Electrical Heating:3000*3
Power(Cooling): 7790W/13.4A
Effective Area: 40~70m2
Moisture Removal:7.2L/H
Humidifying Capacity(Optional):400 Pints/Day
External Static Pressure:100Pa
Supply Voltage:208~230V/3Ph/60HZ(or 380V/3Ph/50HZ)
Refrigerant: R410A
Dimensions:  Indoor(W*H*D):1760*625*880 Outdoor(W*H*D):1100×1250×540
Operation Temp Range: 16℃~30℃
Ambient Temp Range:-7~43℃(or 53℃ or so)


The above parameter selection of reference only, subject to the actual design.