Multi Cassette/Multi-zone Multi Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner DC Inverter;Cooling capacity:10Kw-28Kw  Cooling,Heating,Air filtering etc.One outdoor unit connects multiple(2~4) indoor cassette units with remote control.Suitable for multiple growing rooms,meeting room,super market,living room etc.

Multi Cassette/Multi Zone Multi Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner(DC Inverter)

Multi-zone Multi Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner(DC Inverter) is a more efficient and flexible air conditioning solution. Hold the reliability,very high performance.

*360°wide angle air supply ensure no dead angle of air flow in the room

* One outdoor unit can drive 4 pcs indoor units maximum

* Cool up to multiple rooms(or some of the room) at a time

* DC Inverter techology to decrease your power consumption cost

* Less heat fade at low temperature

* Auto restart function

* Lower noise minimum 32dB

* Slim indoor unit design to take up less ceiling space

* Outdoor unit with heavy duty, durable powder coated metal casing

* High efficiency,antiseptic and bactericidal hydrophilic heat exchanger

* Japanese brand compressor

* 1 YEAR WARRANTY for the unit and 3 YEAR WARRANTY for the compressor


*Multiple control modes as wire control,centralized controller,network control

*Connection copper pipe

Item No:120008

Outdoor Unit Cooling Capacity:10Kw~28Kw

Outdoor Unit Heating Capacity:12Kw~30.8Kw

Outdoor Unit Cooling Capacity Power(Cooling): 2.76Kw~9.1Kw

Outdoor Unit Cooling Capacity Power(Heating):2.65Kw~9.5Kw

Indoor Cassette Cooling Capacity:2.8Kw~14Kw

Indoor Cassette Heating Capacity:3.2+1.5Kw~16.0+3.0Kw

Energy Efficiency Rate(EER):3.62~3.07

Supply Voltage: Outdoor unit: 380V~415V/3Ph/50HZ ( or other)

Refrigerant: R410A

Operation Temp Range: 17℃~30℃

Ambient Temp Range:-20~43℃

Match up chart:

The following table is only part. Please contact us for more matching if you have inquiy.

Outdoor Unit          Indoor Unit
10Kw 5Kw + 5Kw
12Kw 5.6Kw + 5.6Kw
14Kw 6.3Kw + 6.3Kw
16Kw 8Kw + 8Kw
22.4Kw 7.1Kw + 7.1Kw + 7.1Kw
22.4Kw 5.6Kw + 5.6Kw + 5.6Kw + 5.6Kw
25.2Kw 8Kw + 8Kw
25.2Kw 8Kw + 8Kw + 8Kw
28Kw 14Kw + 14Kw
28Kw 9Kw + 9Kw + 9Kw
28Kw 10Kw + 10Kw + 9Kw + 9Kw

The above parameter selection of reference only, subject to the actual design.Thank you!