VRF/DC Inverter Multi Split Air Conditioner/VRF Air Conditioning;Cooling capacity:25.2Kw-112Kw
Cooling,Heating,Air Circulating,Dehumidification etc.One outdoor unit connects multiple indoor units with remote control ,wire controller or network control.The connection pipe is optional.More suitable for multiple growing rooms,commercial space,large gardening space etc.

VRF/DC Inverter Multi Split Air Conditioner/VRF Air Conditioning
VRF provide highly efficient and flexible air conditioning solution in the growing environment. Hold the reliability,very high performance where you need it most.
* Indoor or outdoor free match and can choose different types besides Cassette
* Cool up to multiple rooms(or some of the room) at a time
* DC Inverter techology to save more energy
* Less heat fade at low temperature
* Multiple security protection
* Multiple control modes as wire control,centralized controller,network control
* Automatic restart function
* Indoor unit with slim and compact design with quiet operation.
* Eliminate odours and mould 
* Outdoor unit with heavy duty, durable powder coated metal casing
* High efficiency,antiseptic and bactericidal hydrophilic heat exchanger
* Optimized airflow analytical design can reduce noise and the pressure loss of outdoor unit
* Prevent snow from loading in severe winter(The fan can run automatically when master stops running)
* 1 YEAR WARRANTY for the unit and 3 YEAR WARRANTY for the compressor
*Connection copper pipe
*Centralized controller,network control

Item No:120005
Outdoor Unit Cooling Capacity:25.2Kw to 112Kw
Outdoor Unit Heating Capacity:27Kw to 125Kw
Outdoor Unit Cooling CapacityPower: 6.6Kw-31.3Kw
Outdoor Unit Heating Capacity Power:6.7-32.1Kw
Indoor Cassette Cooling Capacity:2.8Kw to 14Kw
Indoor Cassette Heating Capacity:3.2+1.5 Kw to 16.0+3 Kw
Energy level(EU standard):Class A(or plus)
Effective Area:70m2~
Supply Voltage: Outdoor unit:380-415V/3Ph/50HZ Indoor Unit:220V/1Ph/50HZ ( or other)
Refrigerant: R410A
Operation Temp Range: 16℃~30℃
Ambient Temp Range:-20~43℃


The above parameter selection of reference only, subject to the actual design.