Pedestal Fan/Free Standing Fan/Floor Standing Fan(DC Inverter) is very efficient,quiet and easy-to-use.The stem of the plant will thicken with the flow of air.With this Fan,you’re simulating an outdoor environment where the plant stems move gently in the breeze and become strong.

Pedestal Fan/Floor Standing Fan/Free Standing Fan(DC Inverter) 14in

It can be used to maintain the indoor temperature, humidity & CO2 level uniform and constant.

*More energy-saving(Brushless DC motor)

*Mechancial control or remote control

*4 speed setting

*Low noise(40dB or so)

*Adjust the head height as plants grow (from 60cm to 100cm)

*Solid circular base that won’t buckle, bend or snap

*1 YEAR WARRANTY for the unit

Item No:180023

Fan Diameter:14Inch

Rated Power: 3~26w

Supply Voltage:220V/50HZ(or other)


Net Weight:5Kg

Packing Dimension:48*22.5*46cm


The above parameter selection of reference only, subject to the actual design.Thank you!