Portable Air Purifier/Air Purification 100W for 100m3 : With the negative ion technology, electrostatic dust collection technology, negative oxygen ion technology,it is a practical and effective solution for airborne and surface microbial contaminants, including powdery mildew, total yeast and mold (TYM).

Portable Air Purifier/Air Purification 100W for 100m3
Portable Air Purifier can effectively improve the indoor air quality for the closed loop rooms to maintain a pathogen free environment. Have a good performance to kill spores, funguses, viruses and bacteria.
*Ready to use
*LED digital display, remote control, program-controlled timing, regular time period of not less than 6
*HEPA high efficiency filter can remove dust more than 0.3um in the air.
*Plasma sterilization
*Man-machine coexistence
*Two channel stereo ventilation, large air volume, high speed,mid speed and low speed.
*The total amount of bacteria ≤ 200cfu/CM3
*The killing rate of natural bacteria in air ≥ 90%, and the killing rate of pathogens in air is≥ 99.9%.
*LCD display

Item No:170002
Effective Area: 100m3
Max Circulating Air Volume:1000m3/h
Supply Voltage:220/1Ph/50HZ(or other)
Dimension(W*H*D): 530*850*420mm
Net Weight:25Kg
Control mode:manual or remote control
Compared to Mobile UV Air Purification Unit,the Plasma Air Purification Unit have more advantages:
*More efficient sterilization. The disinfection effect is better, and the action time is short.
*Environmental protection. The Plasma Air Purification Unit will not produce ultraviolet rays and ozone avoid environmental pollution.
*Efficient degradation. While disinfecting the air, it can also degrade the toxic and harmful gases in the air (the degradability of formaldehyde is 91%, benzene is 93%, ammonia is 78%, xylene is 96% in 24 hours, according to some reports).
*Low energy consumption. Its power is 1/3 of UV Air Purfification Unit.
*Long service life. Under normal use, its design life is 15 years, while ultraviolet air purficiation unit is about 5 years.
*Plasma does not need consumables . UV Air Purification unit usually needs to replace a batch of lamp tubes for about 2 years.


The above parameter selection of reference only, subject to the actual design.