Portable Industrial Fan/Greenhouse Fan is a low-speed, large-volume cooling ventilation fan and has four casters. It can move to the desired place at will. Compared with the Floor fan, it solves the problems of large noise, small coverage area and high energy consumption. It can blow a large area of light wind, suitable for agriculture, industry and commercial space.

Portable Industrial Fan/Greenhouse Fan

It provides a large area but weak air flow, which can provide a surround air circulation effect for the closed dry and hot indoor space in summer. It is an ideal solution for moving air in harsh environments and has the effect of circulating cooling.

*Al-Mg alloy fan blade

*Upgraded reinforced shell

*Widening and reinforcing fan chassis

*Stepless fan speed adjustment

*Free to move

*Ultra-large air volume, long-distance air supply(20m)

*Modular installation for easy transport

*1 years guarantee

Item No:180018


Power: 750W

Supply Voltage:220-240V/1Ph/50HZ (or other)



Air Supply Distance:15~20m


The above parameter selection of reference only, subject to the actual design.Thank you!