Ultrasonic Humidifier/Portable Ultrasonic Humidifier: Humidification Capacity 0.3L/Min(to 15L/Min).The system can produce 5 billion droplets of 1-15 micron diameter per second, which has good humidification and cooling effect. It produces a small number of fog particles, which can evaporate before they fall to the ground.The average diameter of the fog particles is about 10 microns, which is light and can float evenly like natural fog. Therefore, even in areas with high relative humidity, the fog particles can be completely absorbed by the air, giving full play to the effect of humidification.

Ultrasonic Humidifier/Portable Ultrasonic Humidifier: 0.3L/Min(to 15L/Min)
Portable High Pressure Micro Mist Humidifier are specially for the humidification,cooling,disinfection, deodorization and dust removal,Fresh-keeping in the large commercial space as planting, gardening, factory,exhibition fair,supermarket etc.
. Effectively improve the large space drying conditions and enhance the plants growth.Can be used for different large applications.
* Maximum of 60 high-pressure atomizing nozzles No. 1 (aperture: 0.15mm).
* The pressure can be adjusted to a range of 0-60 kg
* With water shortage protection, automatic power failure without water
* Built in stop valve, high pressure pump stop operation, prevent water from entering the spray system
* With 24 hours timer, adjust the spray time and downtime freely
* Bring 5 micron level filter to filter impurities in the water and prevent nozzle blockage
* Fashionable and compact appearance, portable handle
* Standard configuration including Precision filter+1.5m inlet pipe+Water outlet joint+Standby Maintenance Kit

* 5m hose&1 S.S ring tube&4 nozzles(for 0.3L/Min)
* Painting color as white,yellow,green

Item No:160006
The following specification is for the model(0.3L/Min).Please contact us if need more details.
Humidification Water Flow:0.3L/Min(to 15L/Min)
Rotation rate:960Rpm
Effective Area: 100-150m2(Height 3m)
Max pressure:80Bar/1150PSI
Supply Voltage:220/1Ph/50HZ(or other)
Net Weight:about 10Kg
Control Mode:Manual or Automatic


The above spec is for some suitable markets.
The above parameter selection of reference only, subject to the actual design.