UV Light(for 50m2) is a quick-release lamp and economically provides UV light disinfection and protection to the AC coil surfaces from bacteria, virus, mold, and mildew growth, and odor.

UV Light for 50m2
UV Light can effectively improve the indoor air quality for the closed loop rooms to maintain a pathogen free environment. Have a good performance to kill spores, funguses, viruses and bacteria.Suitable for growing environment,cleaning room,living space etc
*All metal body
*Remote control through wall control
*UVC highly effective disinfection
*Timer function and replay start
*Humanized design, safety and leakage prevention
*It can be applied to many applications.

Item No:170005
Effective Area: 50-70m2
Lamp Lifetime:8000Hours
Supply Voltage:220/1Ph/50HZ(or 110V,60HZ)
Base diameter:180mm
Net Weight:1600g
Control mode:Remote control

Precautions for safe use
*Do not look directly at ultraviolet light source. Please use it under no any one.
*During use, it is necessary to keep the surface of the ultraviolet lamp clean
*Disinfection with ultraviolet light should be as clean and dry as possible.
*Plants should be sheltered or moved when use it.
*The unit should be kept well to avoid injury caused by children’s use.
*Small pets can not be directly exposed to disinfection, please cover up and sterilize.


The above parameter selection of reference only, subject to the actual design.