Smart Growing Climate Control system uses various types of sensors to real-time sense environmental temperature, humidity, light, CO2 and other greenhouse environmental information, and can send data to computers or mobile phones through wireless transmission technology, so it can also know the status of greenhouse at a long distance, so that the greenhouse environment can be fully grasped, so that the grower can timely correct the environmental situation and reduce the isk.It has realized intellectualized and precise management.

The main function of Smart Growing Climate Control system in greenhouse is to achieve a controllable environment. At the same time, its monitoring and control function is used to precisely control the greenhouse environment, so that the environmental conditions in greenhouse can meet the planting needs of agronomists to the greatest extent, and realize large-scale agronomic production and scientific management operations. In order to achieve this, the intelligent planting environmental control system integrates the high and new technologies of environmental control, mechanical design, electronic science, computer science, biology and other university disciplines. It is an advanced agricultural production environmental control system that integrates high, precise, advanced technology and computer automatic control technology in agricultural science and technology.

The application of Smart Growing Climate Control system in modern greenhouse of vegetable can be said to solve many problems in traditional greenhouse planting management. For example, the traditional greenhouse environment monitoring is based on manual inspection, but the phenomenon of inadequate inspection often occurs, the greenhouse environment can not be monitored for 24 hours, and the greenhouse environment can be monitored by Smart Growing Climate Control system. In addition, in the past, manual operation of greenhouse equipment has brought great work intensity to the management of large-scale and multi-greenhouse. After the application of greenhouse environment remote monitoring system, this problem can be solved very well. It can adopt remote centralized data acquisition, centralized management and centralized control. It can effectively reduce the work intensity of planters and realize automatic management and efficient planting.

Smart Growing Climate Control system can be used to collect many kinds of information such as temperature and humidity in greenhouse to realize precision management, such as setting different temperature and humidity in different periods, sensing and controlling according to the information of temperature and light in greenhouse, starting time of heating system, adjusting and controlling according to collected temperature information, etc. After harvesting products, the Internet of Things can also be used to collect and control products. Information is used to analyze plant performance and environmental factors at different stages and feed back to the next round of production, so as to achieve more accurate management and obtain better products.