LED Grow Light GLD Series simulate sunlight to provide indoor plants with all the stages they need in natural sunlight.

LED Grow Light GLD Series 200W
LED Grow Light GLD Series are the low-cost,easy-to-operate and slim-designed light.*Wide voltage range of 100-277V AC
*Full spectrum: warm yellow color light, imitating sunlight,
*Provide all stages required for indoor plants in natural sunlight
*Simple operation
*Slim design to reduce delivery cost and risk
*2 YEARS WARRANTY for the unit

Market Model No:GLD-110
Item No:190002
Actual Power: 200W±5%
Power Supply:AC100-277V/50-60Hz
LED Number of Bulbs:192pcs
LED Life:50,000hours
LED Chip Brand:Epileds
Spectrum (can be customizable):30pcs660nm+162pcs3800K
Suitable Area:4*4ft
Net Weight:2.2kg
Net Dimension:282*252*55mm
Carton Weight:11kg
Carton Dimension:462*473*245
Loading Qty for 1*20GP:1,942 pcs


The above parameter selection of reference only, subject to the actual design.Thank you!