Commercial Dehumidifier/Industrial Dehumidifier for NA(157 Pints/Day).Ideal dehumidifier for the greenhouse,indoor gardening,basement,warehouse,commercial places etc.

Portable Dehumidifier/Industrial Dehumidifier for NA(157 Pints/Day,180Pints/Day)
Commercial Dehumidifier with big wheels are efficient and removable dehumidification system for the growing space.Hold the high performance, reliability and usability.
* Electronic control
* Big metal handle
* Quick water pipe connector
* Casters allow easy movement to the room that needs dehumidifying
* Washable air filter saves money on replacements
* Vent hose can be connected
* LED display with push button
* Removable water pump
* Big and stable wheels
*Hot gas bypass system
* 1 YEAR WARRANTY for the unit and 3 YEAR WARRANTY for the compressor
*Active Carbon filter

Item No:150010
The following specification is for the model (137Pints/Day).
Dehumification capacity(30℃ RH80%):137Pints/Day
Effective Area:70-100m2
Air Volume:235m3/h
Supply Voltage:115V/60HZ
Refrigerant: R410A
Dimensions(W*H*D): 22.5*32*19.5in
Ambient Temp Range:5~35℃


The above parameter selection of reference only, subject to the actual design.