Air Duct/Fabric Air Duct/Air Dispersion System is made from insulation materials and fiber fabrics. A plurality of small holes are formed through the permeability of the fiber material and the laser opening on the surface of the duct.Under the condition of keeping the circle, with the high performance of heat preservation, anti-condensation and reducing noise.Have special advantages that traditional ducts do not have .

Air Duct/Fabric Air Duct/Air Disperation System
Connecting this one to the Fan Ventilator,Growing Climate system and other HVAC equipment are perfect for different size of growing space,greenhouse,indoor gardening,commercial applications etc.Apply to different Fan Ventilators,Climate control system,HVAC equipment.
* Very uniform air supply to avoid excessive air damage to indoor plants
* Very light weight and especially suitable for greenhouse
* Easy installation requires only a very short time to save time and cost.
* Easy to remove and easy to clean
* Flame retardant, heat preservation, anti condensation and noise reduction
* 1 YEAR WARRANTY for the unit

Item No:180016
Size and Length: Customized
Density: 280g/m2
Compressive strength: 2000PA
Bending Strength: 360°
Ambient temperature: -20-80℃
Material flame retardant: Yes

*Different colors
*The length or size can be customized.
*Different air outlet modes as Spout air outlet,Small hole air outlet(usually used),Micro hole air outlet and Osmotic air outlet
*Different shapes like Round, Arched, Semicircular, 1/4 Circles.


The above parameter selection of reference only, subject to the actual design.Thank you!